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Sites with Free Holiday Shipping

November 30th, 2010 at 07:46 pm

Who doesn't love free shipping? Avoid the holiday crowds and fights over parking.

Order your gifts online and get free holiday shipping! Most of the deals below don't require a coupon code. Plus, a few sites offer free holiday shipping on all orders!

Amazon.com - Orders of $25 or more

Athleta.com - Orders of $50 or more

BananaRepublic.com - Orders of $50 or more

BarnesandNoble.com - Orders of $25 or more

BedBathandBeyond.com - Orders over $100, expires 12/16

Borders.com - Orders of $40 or more for nonmembers; $25 or more for members

ChefsCatalog.com - Orders of $49 or more

Chocolate.com - Orders of $60 or more

ColorfulImages.com - Orders of $25 or more

CurrentCatalog.com - Orders over $40, receive 20% off, expires 12/1

CVS.com - Orders of $60 or more, receive $15 off and free shipping (promo code: CYBERMONDAY), expires 11/30

Drugstore.com - Orders of $25 or more

eBags.com - All orders (promo code: LINKFREES), expires 12/31 - special offer from Living Richly on a Budget

Gap.com - Orders of $50 or more

Kohls.com - Orders of $50 or more

Full list here:

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